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How to Make Outdoors Camping-Friendly

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Camping is great family fun but not always possible without holidays or special day offs. Well, if you have a backyard, you can do glamping right outside your house. Sure it won’t be the same but it can give you a feeling of quiet and serenity.

Backyard Camping Ideas

Backyard camping ideas

Fire Pit

Fist thing you need for this camping thing to work is fire and a fire pit is a great outdoor accessory that replicates a contained bonfire and may even allow to prepare some food on it. Even if yours doesn’t you can always count on marshmallow on a stick.


A roofed patio might not be ideal for camping so get that tent out and set up camp near your fire pit. You can even stay the night in the camp in the summer and take advantage of fresh air and starry sky.


All you really need to make this work is the two essential things listed above and some imagination. Try to come up with things for you to do like watching a movie on a projected screen or cooking your favorite campfire foods. Just because it is your own backyard doesn’t mean you can’thave some camping fun. Tell stories by the fire, eat s’mores and drink tea out of thermos.

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