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How To Make Hanging Chair Out of Hammock

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A swing is a great addition to outdoors. It’s romantic, relaxing, and can serve as your personal swing. It’s pretty easy to make too, but hanging it is the hardest and most labor-intensive part.

Hammock chair

Turn Hammock Into Hanging Chair

You’ll need a hammock, a short bar, rope, and fixing mechanisms depending on where are you going to hang it.

You can use any soft hammock for this, but you can also throw in a big pillow to make a seat and even another one to make the back of your swing chair.

First, fix your hammock at the both ends of the bar. Be sure to secure it, so that it didn’t slip or untie. The bar can be made of any material, but the ropes wouldn’t slip much on wood.

Now that the chair took shape from a hammock the bulk of the job would be hanging it. If you are making a hanging chair for your porch or patio and the ceiling is your fixing point then you’ll have a bit more work cut out for you. The easier way would be to hang it from an S-hook with help of link coil chain. But you can also try and hang it from a beam of a special frame or from a tree.

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