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How To Decorate Your Fence With Birdhouses

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Want to bring some charm to your backyard? How about glitzing your fence up with colorful birdhouses. Your boring fence will instantly turn into an original accent in your outdoor decor. Get some wood birdhouses in a dollar store and some paint, we’ll be decorating your fence.

DIY: Colorful Birdhouses On Fence

decorative birdhouses on a fence

Materials Needed:

  • different-sized wood birdhouses (you can find them in any dollar store)
  • primer
  • brushes
  • multiple colors of acrylic paint
  • screw hooks
  • clear protective polyurethane
  • screw eyes
  • spray paint
  • drop cloth
  • paint
  • picture hangers
  • picture hanging wire

Place birdhouses on drop cloth to keep the floor clean. It is better to use birdhouses of different shapes and styles, it will increase the visual impact of your birdhouse collection.


Apply some primer to birdhouses and let it dry for a couple of hours.

Get several colors of acrylic paint and paint each section of a birdhouse using one color at a time. Give it another couple of hours to dry. And don’t forget to paint the bottoms too beacuse they will be on display.

painting birdhouses

Apply protective polyurethane by spraying it on painted birdhouses and allow it to dry.

applying protective laque

Some wooden birdhouses have rope loops on the back. But the ones that don’t need to get hardware attached. You can do it by attaching two screw eyes and thread some picture wire between them.

applying hardware on birdhouses

After you are done with painting birdhouses, it’s time to nail picture hangers to your fence. Then hang birdhouses that have screw eyes and wire loops on the back.

nailing hardware

Those birdhouses that have rope loops on the back can be hung with screw hooks. You will need to spray-paint screw hooks and screw them into the fence.

hook on a fence

Hang birdhouses about one foot apart at various heights. And just like that, an ordinary fence in your backyard becomes an original accent in your outdoor decor.

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