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How to Create a Stepping Stone Path

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Stepping stones path can become an essential part of your outdoor area, even if you don’t have a garden. There are many variations of the kind, and here we can discuss how to create a stepping stone pathway.


Garden Path Ideas

Garden path are important if you have locations to visit in your garden, however even if you don’t have them, you can create an illusion that you do. Garden path can be of different types, the simplest being the trail, however there are many different ideas.

The most simple and popular type is the stone stepping tile that is sort of printed on the grass. In order to make one, first you would need to figure out the destination from which and to where the path would lead. If it is a simple road from your driveway to your front door, it should not be too long, however, if you intend on making a stroll garden, you can make curves, but not too many! When you figured out the direction, make a layout of that direction using the ropes. Now, based on your destination, measure how much tiles you would need, while thinking of the distances between each tile. Now, the tile itself should be not too thin, about 2 inches is normal. Once you have your tiles, with a trowel you need to put them on the grass. Fill in the edges with soil, and ensure that each tile is even.


Now, considering the stepping tiles, you can either buy some or make your own! The stepping stones with some picture on them speak of your creativity and sometimes a financial status. But, when you are making your own tiles, it pays off. One of the ideas on how to make a stepping tile is to use concrete and container for mold. You can use anything for decorating: coins, little flowers for tracing, leaves! The ideas are numerous, it just takes time and dedication to create something!

Stepping stone Pathway Ideas

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