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How To Build DIY Arbor

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Arbor is an excellent structure to highlight the existing plants in the garden, while giving a dramatic feel to the exterior. However, building one can be quite pricy, but you can make a DIY arbor with your own hands!

diy arbor

DIY Arbor Tips

Arbor has a rich history of being a decoration in the garden. It is an archway, that is widely used in horticultural practices, and sometimes even in landscaping terms being a pathway in the thematic gardens, such as Japanese stroll garden. Today we are going to go over the tips, which will help you to construct a DIY Arbor.

First of all, define your territory. Take a really good look at your garden to decide where the arbor would be most needed. Then locate the future place of the arbor, the place where the structure would not hinder any plants, but would help the garden look even better. Now to build an arbor your will need to have the timber slats, measuring 4×4 for the posts, 2 x 6s for the arches. To secure the posts you can either use brackets or to plant the post into the ground with cement.

diy arbor

As you know, the arbor top is curvy and to make this one you need to have two layers of 2×6 slats, which are fastened together with segments and glue. Also, don’t forget about decorating the top of arbor with smaller slats. The curvy side of the arbor can be attached to posts with braces, however, make a template for the curved knees of the top first. Don’t forget to sand the structure and stain it. The arbor can also be painted, to match your outdoors.

Arbors, could be used as a supporting structure, as well as a landscaping one, so planting the vines or something which would climb up that arbor is a really nice idea. Usually, arbors significantly change the appearance of the outdoors, so having your own DIY arbor is really something different and inspiring.

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