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Halloween Luminaries

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Halloween is getting closer and closer, yet we still have the time to get the last minute decorations. Luminaries are a great way to highlight the existing decor and to add the eerie atmosphere to the outdoors.


DIY Halloween Lanterns

Lanterns are a great way to add atmosphere to a Halloween decor and make highlights for the existing ones. There are several variations of the luminaries we are going to talk about: the paper bag and jar.

Making paper bag luminaries is one of the most simple way to make them! For this project you will need paper bags, halloween stencils, scissors, markers, small tea candles. There are two variations of making a paper bag luminaries, with cutting out the stencils picture and drawing them on the paper bag. Either way, take a paper bag, draw your pattern and either make it more visible or cut it out carefully. Then you will need to insert the tea candle. To place the luminaries and make them more stable put sand into it before inserting the tea candle!


Another awesome idea is to make jar luminaries. For this project you will need jars, acrylic craft paint, markers, tea candles, glaze spray. Take the jar, then paint it with a color, you prefer, perhaps it could be Halloween favorite colors: black and orange, but necessarily. Let the first coat of paint dry first, then apply another one if needed. Meanwhile, you can work on the outer decor. You can use marker to draw fanny or spooky faces. To add drama, paint the rim black and add some spray glaze to the outside. Place the tea candle inside and it is ready!


DIY Halloween Luminaries

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