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Garden Uses For Trailer Or Van

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If you think a trailer or a van is just junk taking space in your garden, think again. You can actually turn your mobile property into something fun and decorative or even lucrative.

If you have enough space to store it in your backyard in the first place, then why not repurpose it? The obvious thing would be to make it into a garden/tool shed or a playhouse for kids but you can actually go further and open a business like Airbnb, hair salon, flower shop, or even a cafe next to your house (depending on regulations and if it’s a generally good business idea, of course).

A romantic caravan can make a perfect she-shed while a more spacious trailer would make a great workshop for those who like crafting things, DIY, or simply write.

Other ideas include turning a small caravan, van, wagon, or trailer into a glamping tent, a home office, a greenhouse, or a small homely getaway for quick but peaceful naps and tea parties.

Caravans, Wagons, Trailers, And Van In The Garden

Garden caravan house
Caravan she-shed

Garden glamping vagon
Glamping caravan tent 

Garden van house
Caravan playhouse

Wagon shed
Garden shed

Workshop trailer
Trailer workshop

Airbnb trailer
Trailer Airbnb

Hair salon vagon
Wagon hair salon

Trailer cafe
Trailer cafe

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