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Fence Decoration Ideas

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Fence is such an everyday thing you might not always pay attention. But it does much more than just protects from public eye or demarcates territory. Fence can be a great decoration and another layer for your landscape.

Fence Decor Ideas

Colored shards in fence

While a fence can be a work of art in itself, many people prefer simple wooden fences that are cheap and functional. But if you want to add a little something to your fence there are many ways to decorate it. Fist and most obvious one is, of course, paint but if you want it to be more imaginative we suggest a few of the following options.

Glass Inserts

You’ve probably seen the photo around the web but this is simply pure genius when it comes to sprucing your old or even brand new fence. All you need is to drill holes in it that would hold the colored glass shards or littles glass beads.

Vertical Garden

If you always wanted a vertical garden or you think your conventioanl one could use a little more greenery a fence is a great support structure. The vertical garden can either be simply a collection of frames or shelves with plants or you could plant crawling plants and use the fence as support for them.


Your fence can become a great backdrop for your landscape. If you or someone of your friends or family members can draw, a fence can become a perfect canvas. Choose the picture well though, you want it to fit the garden and ideally look real enough to blend with it. Though kids would appreciate brighter drawings.

When choosing decor for your fence consider how much time you would need to maintain it. If you are choosing a verical garden, you’ll have to trim and water flowers and plants. If you are looking for a quick solution that doesn’t require much investment and effort opt for paint, fake flowers, and paint.


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