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Easy Space-Conscious Outdoor Bar Design Ideas

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Outdoor bar might seem like a luxury, somewhere along the lines of an outdoor kitchen but it doesn’t have to be big to make a difference. Even if you don’t enjoy alcohol a small mini bar full of refreshing drinks will be a great plus for your aftenoon siesta.

Set Up Your Own Outdoor Bar

Wall mounted bar

So if you think the challenge is the bar itself, you’re wrong. The challenge is to keep the drinks nice and cool. You’ll need a small mobile fridge or if you have an old one in the garage it might work. Stocking your mini bar with fresh cool drinks before each night may be a bit of a hassle but hey, this type of bar has its own advatanges. For one, it’s space-conscious.

So let’s talk business. A bar is usually a counter and a few stools. The rest is up for discussion. But if you don’t have space for a full-blown bar you can go with a mobile counter that has space storage for liquor that doesn’t require refrigeration. You can also have a small mobile refrigerator if you want to always have some ice or chilled drinks on hand.

Indoor outdoor ba


This is a great option because you can change the bar station depending on weather, sun/shade, or even mood. You can also put it away during colder months.

Another option is to have a foldable wall mounted mini bar if you just want to have something for yourself and entertaining guests is not in your plan. It’s easy to DIY, it’s almost unnoticeable, and it takes no precious space.

One of the ideas that really stands out is a kitchen pass outdoor indoor bar that can be as easily set up as it can be put away. It’s a nice way to keep everything in one place while having an easy access to drinks and snacks.

The easiest way to around having a bar is installing an ice-filled dish or container before a party or a siesta and enjoy refreshments while it lasts.

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