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Easy DIY project: Hanging Daybed

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Hanging daybed would be an interesting idea for your outdoor décor. A perfect spot for taking a nap or reading in your backyard. You probably saw a lot of pictures of patio daybeds and dream about having one, but they are pretty expensive. So here I have an inexpensive and easy DIY project on how to make an awesome daybed for your backyard.

Enjoyable Hanging Daybed For Your Backyard

patio daybed

First things first, you will need to stop by hardware shop to get:

  • 17 2×4 boards
  • 8 4″ lag screws
  • 100 3″ wood screws
  • spray paint
  • 50 feet of nylon rope or chain
  • sandpaper
  • carpenter’s square
  • measuring tape
  • wood filler
  • saw
  • drill

To make your life easier, many hardware stores will cut the boards complimentary with the purchase of lumber.  For the frame sides you will need 2 2×4 boards cut at 82-3/4″, for the frame joists – 6 2×4 boards cut at 42-1/2″, and 12 2×4 boards cut at 84-3/4″ for the deck boards.

Daybed’s dimensions should be sized to fit a standard twin size. Hanging height of the daybed can vary depending on the roof structure. Choose a large clean space for this project, and don’t forget about safety glasses.

Start with measuring and marking the joints using the carpenter’s square. First, predrill two pilot holes on each joist end. Apply some glue and line up joist boards with frame sides and screw them together. Adjust the frame to square using carpenter’s square. Then apply some glue to the top of our frame and put the deck boards. Adjust the deck boards so the space between them is 1/2 inches, screw the boards down, use two wood screws per deck board.

Now it’s time to attach the lag screws. First drill a hole using appropriately sized drill bit for lag screws in the each corner of our daybed. Remember that the pilot hole must be drilled over the bed frame. After that apply some glue to the pilot hole and screw the lag screw into each corner, securing tightly. The exposed screw holes should be filled with wood filler. After it gets dry sand the whole daybed using the sandpaper. Remove sanding residue with a soft-bristled brush and apply a protective finish. Wait until it dries out completely.

Now our daybed is ready to hang. Locate beams to hang the daybed on. Use chain or rope to hang the daybed at the desired height. Put a mattress or any other bedding and enjoy.

daybed with beddings

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