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Easy DIY Project: Flower Pot Candle Holder

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Here’s another fun and easy DIY art project for your outdoor décor. It is great for fall season, because it gets darker more sooner than it used to be and you want to light up the dark parts of your garden by adding little flickers of light. Great DIY project that allows you to create a planter which also can be used as a candle holder. Because how can you not love a nice combination of plants and candles. The craft’s idea is to convert your planters into a stylish and lavish lighting option for your outside property or garden.

Awesome Flower Pot Candle Holder For Your Backyard


Materials Needed:

two flower pots: one a large one and a small one


glass hurricane

huge candles

pea gravel


It is better to find a place outdoor with smooth surface, so you don’t mess inside the house with soil. Start by taking the bigger pot and filling the bottom up with two inches of soil. Then get the smaller pot and put it inside of the bigger pot right in the middle. Fill up the large pot with the rest of the soil and even the rims out. The small pot should be filled up with pea gravel and surrounded by soil. This is going to be our base. Now it’s time to plant the flowers on the outer ring of the soil. When it’s done place a big candle in the small pot on gravel and cover it with glass hurricane, so your plants won’t get burnt from the candle light. And that’s it! Your beautiful flower pot candle holder is ready to become a nice complement in your garden. During the daytime it will please your eyes with beautiful flowers, and during the night time light up the candles and enjoy beautiful little flickers of light in your backyard.


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