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DIY Wooden Gates

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Constructing a wooden gate is a simple project that may be completed in about two hours. To organize the process, sketch your gate plans, including dimensions. All the planks should be cut before you assemble the gate. Once the rectangular frame is constructed, four diagonal braces are attached to the corners and infill planks or pickets are added to complete the gate. This project requires no special tools or advanced knowledge of woodworking.

Step by step DIY wooden gate project

Sketch a rectangular wooden frame with a diagonal brace stabilizing each corner. Include the dimensions of the frame and infill planks. The height of the vertical stiles will be equal to the height of the gate frame. The length of the horizontal rails will be equal to the width of the gate.

Measure and mark the pickets to the desired length. Trim the pickets with a chop saw. Set the chop saw to 45 degrees to cut the mitered corners of the framing members.Trim one end of a 2-by-4-inch plank by placing it on the saw table with its 2-inch sides vertical. Holding the plank firmly against the guide fence, trim the plank. Cut two rails and two stiles with 45-degree-angled ends. Measure and mark the long side of the trimmed plank to the length of a rail. Place the plank on the saw so its end cuts will be convergent, not parallel. Cut the first rail to length. Measure, mark and cut a second rail to match the first.

Measure and mark a trimmed plank to cut the first stile. Cut two stiles the same length. Like the rails, the cut ends of the stiles are convergent. Trim one end of a 1-by-4-inch plank at 45 degrees to begin cutting the first diagonal brace. The 4-inch side of the plank should be positioned horizontally on the saw table. Measure and mark the longest side of the plank to half the length of the shortest framing member. Cut the opposite end of the plank so the end cuts are convergent. Measure, mark and cut three more braces to the same length as the first.

Arrange the rectangular frame on a flat surface so the corners are joined like a picture frame. With a drill and driving bit, screw the L-shaped steel brackets to the outer corners of the frame, centered to the width of the joints. The brackets will hold the frame together while you install the wooden corner braces. Place a carpenter’s square over one corner of the frame, aligning it with the edges of the frame. Adjust the positions of framing members, if necessary, to make the corner square. Repeat until all four corners are perpendicular.

Lay the wooden braces diagonally across the corners of the frame with their cut ends aligned with the outer margins of the frame. Screw the braces to the frame with two evenly spaced screws at each end of the braces. Once all four braces are attached, turn the frame over. Position the first and last infill planks on the frame, aligning their outer edges with the outer edges of the stiles. Screw the planks to the rails with two evenly spaced screws on each end. Attach the first and last planks to the stiles with screws placed approximately 6 inches apart. With the outer planks in place, arrange the remaining infill planks between them so they are parallel and evenly spaced. Screw the infill planks to the frame with two evenly spaced screws on each end.

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