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DIY Wood Furnace

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Handmade Outdoor Wood Furnace

How about making a DIY Outdoor wood furnace? It can be really sophisticated project, but actually it is pretty easy! For this project you will need 1/2 ” steel, welder, saw with steel cutting blade, tqape measure, measuring square, 8” ducking, 8” in line, ducking fan, door hinges. Start with laying out the 3 peaces of 1/2″ of steel at the bottom of the furnace. It is important that the measurement of the bottom needs to be 1-1/2″ bigger on the sides and for the back side.

Next step is to build the side walls, measuring from 8″ to 12″ lower then the outside walls. Remember that the thing burning the wood is the air, that’s inside the inner box. When cutting the sheet of steel for the front, don’t forget to cut out the door hole. Then to make a door you will need to cut out the door hole and add another sheet over it, that is 1″ bigger all the way around. Also cut two 3″x7″, 1/2″ steel blocks to put next to the door on the front furnace wall to fur out the wall to be flush to the door where the hinges go.  Finish boxing the furnace by adding tops: the 1st one on the inside box needs to have one 8″ hole and the 2nd one on the top of the outside of the furnace needs to have two 8″ holes. Don’t forget to add legs!


At last, add a 2 1/4″ holes on each side wall at the lowest point possible, then make some 8″ ducking from the inside box out through and out the top for venting all the smoke, then run a 8″ peace of ducking out of the 2nd hole only into the structure. To make sure that the hot air moves, add a in line 8″ duck fan to the ducking running into the house to pull heat in when needed. Finish by building a rack 2″ tall by a few inches smaller then the width of the inside box for the wood to be placed on top of while it is burning.


Remember however, that some states prohibit the use of outdoor wood furnace, because the toxins released  can travel across property lines and affect the health of nearby residents. So make sure, that your place of residence allows use of these kind of furnaces, before building it.

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