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DIY Weather Vane and Mounting

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Weather vanes are a classic symbol of rural life in early America. It can be an important part to have one on the roof of your house, since it can predict weather and the wind brings it to us. Weather vane is a tool for measuring wind direction and was probably one of the first weather instruments ever used. It spins and points in the direction from which the wind is coming and generally has two parts, or ends: one that is usually shaped like an arrow and turns into the wind and one end that is wider so that it catches the breeze. The arrow points to the direction the wind is blowing from so if it is pointing to the east, it means the wind is coming from east.

Weather vanes are often used to add a folk or whimsical element to a home, garage, barn or shed. You can build one in a home workshop with a few basic materials and tools. The ideal choices for a weather vane are cedar and copper because both weather beautifully over time and they both lightweight to allow for sensitivity to the wind.

Make a Weather Vane

Copper Weather Vane

Copper Weather Vane

Things you will need:

  • Cedar board or copper
  • Band saw
  • Copper flashing, 2 sheets


  • First you need a 2-inch deep slit in each 1-inch end of the cedar board. Do this with a band saw.
  • On one of the copper sheets draw an arrow point.
  • Draw a tail fin on the remaining copper sheet.
  • Apply glue to the slits in each end of the board.
  • Slide the arrow point and tail in each end of the board respectively.
  • Space the nails approximately one inch apart when you hammer two finish nails into each end to secure the copper in place.
  • In the center of the weather vane drill a ¼-inch hole two inches deep.
  • Then drill a ¼-inch hole two inches into the center of one end of the dowel.
  • Insert the metal rod into the dowel.
  • Slide the washer over the metal rod.
  • Insert the weather vane assembly onto the metal rod.
  • Set the dowel to a house roof, shed, garage, deck or barn.

Mounting Weather Vane


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