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DIY Vertical Pallet Garden

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If your gardening spot lacks space, then grow vertical! Want a cheap way to do it? Reclaim a wooden pallet and turn it into your new garden. A wooden pallet can hold oodles of flowers, herbs, and vegetables—whatever you want to grow. With just the necessity of a wall to lean against, a pallet-turned-garden is perfect for a tiny apartment balcony or a small porch. Those with ample space can also use it as an addition to a humdrum sidewall in a backyard or to dress up a blank stretch of fencing.

Simple DIY pallet garden

Transforming a pallet into a bountiful garden takes a little do-it-yourself gusto, but its charming, rustic look and space-saving ability make it well worth the effort. Just follow these steps.

  • You’ll need 3-4 pallets in similar as planters, a hammer and nails for pulling planks off and nailing them together, a Dremel rotary tool is really handy for cutting through nails, 1 bag of potting mix, flowers in two sizes, garden gloves, safety goggles, and 2-4 screw hooks.
  • Choose the base pallet and pull all the planks off. Arrange them a patchwork style and nail down.
  • Make nail holes into the bottoms of your paint buckets and cans for drainage.
  • Lean your pallet, add the buckets and some hook screws to the back of your pallet to secure them to your chain link fence.

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