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DIY Trampoline Swing Bed For Ultimate Outdoor Lounging

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In a last post on garden tents we showed a photo of a trampoline swing bed, which we feel deserves a post all of its own. It’s a neat idea if you are looking to get rid of clutter (eg. unused kid’s trampoline) or create a nice outdoor lounging area. Trampoline is world’s ahead of hammock thanks to its convenient even surface and it surely looks unusual. It also allows for a tent or some kind of sun awning, which makes it a perfect outdoor daybed.

There are many ways to install your trampoline bed, but the principle is one and the same. It requires several ropes to hold it evenly, a chain, and some kind of support structure like in hanging chairs or your terrace or porch ceiling. There is just one problem you could encounter and that’s the bed base support. If it’s damaged the bed will sag and if the frame is bent it won’t hang evenly. Make sure your trampoline is functional and if you want a little more softness under your back you might need to add some foam padding or a mattress to it.

The rest is easy, you can hang curtains at the top where ropes are attached to a chain or any other fixture you’re using. You can weather-proof your bed if it’s out in the open with tent fabric to be able to enjoy full sun or rain protection and use your awesome trampoline bed whenever you want.

Tent bed

Trampoline bed

DIY daybed

trampoline daybed

Bed made of trampoline

DIY swing daybed

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