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DIY Summer Projects

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Thinking of how to improve your outdoor area so that is it a perfect summer retreat? Well, there are many projects that you can do yourself, including these awesome DIY summer projects inspired by the best hotels all over the world. Get inspired and create your own perfect summer outdoors.

DIY Ideas For Summer

DIY Summer Retreat

African Cabana By Elwana Collection

DIY Cabanas

If you have an access to some water feature, like a swimming pool or natural pond where you can relax during the especially hot summer days, cabana is an ideal summer retreat . This example above portrays a seaside sunbed with an overhead cabana. Although quite simple in design with just few DIY posts and a cloth, this cabana seems to be quite appealing. The particular example is located at the Afro Chic Diani Beach Kenya retreat. A DIY version could include turning a balcony or a patio into a cabana.

Summer Accents

Not all of us are lucky to have a swimming pool, but all of us can bring some charming summer accents in form of cheerful colors and patterns. One of the simplest ways to bring the charm to the outdoors is to use bright accents. In the above example with cabana we see yellow hues splattered throughout the outdoor room. Among other things that help in updating the look for the summer are the furnishing accessories. Seashells, jars with sand – anything that reminds you of summer is suitable for the project.

Add Some Drama

Don’t be afraid to add dramatic accents – summer is perfect for furnishing experiments. Adorn your outdoor room with bold patterns and contrasting hues. Don’t be afraid to use dramatic dark colors, as they contrast pretty good against the lush green exterior of the outdoors. Using brighter colors is also a good idea, or even better is to contrast the blue of the swimming pool with the blue of the sky. Scroll down to get the ultimate inspiration for the summer retreat.

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