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DIY Rubber Boots Planter

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Spring seems to be designed specifically for planting, and one of the ways to enjoy it is to make funky planters out of objects that are not likely to be used again. Among such objects could be boots that are about to be thrown away. Of course the idea might seem quite simpe, yet there are some tricks that you should know.

DIY Rubber Boot Planter

DIY Strawberry Planter by Dorling Kindersley

DIY Planter From Rubber Boots

A boot planter seems like a nice idea, however we really need something to plant so that the idea would work. Strawberry can be a good choice. For this project you will need:

  • rubber boots
  • strawberry plants (3 per boot)
  • newspaper
  • drill
  • craft knife
  • Vaseline
  • clean, crushed eggshells
  • tomato fertilizer

First thing to do is to cut a hole in a rubber boot, and, to keep the boot sturdy, stuff it with newspaper. These holes are needed for a strawberry root ball and you need to make several of them on different height of the boot. Also you need to drill the drainage holes on the bottom of the boot.

DIY Boot Planter

Planting Strawberry by Dorling Kindersley

Remove the newspaper and fill the boot with soil up to the side hole. Then carefully insert the root ball through the hole, and fill the boot with soil, up to the second hole and insert another root ball. Once you are done with that you will need to rub Vaseline on the outside of the boot and add some eggshells on the top layer of the soil. This will prevent snails from climbing up the leaves and stems of the strawberry. Now your strawberry is planted and all you need to do is to place the boot in a sunny spot and water the plant regularly. Don’t forget to feed tomato fertilizer to the planter once in two weeks. Tutorial via HGTV.

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