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DIY Picnic Pavilion

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Who doesn’t enjoy a picnic meal on a beautiful day? The fresh air, the warmth of the sun: it’s a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. You can avoid some of the disadvantages of outdoor dining if you build a picnic pavilion. A pavilion will provide a bit of shade on really warm days, the perfect setting for your comfortable outdoor furniture and a touch of elegance to your outdoor environment. Build a picnic pavilion to suit your taste and your needs and invite the neighbors for dinner.

Build a picnic pavilion for your family!

Draw the layout of your picnic pavilion. Take time to explore all your options to be certain you are building it to complement your outdoor setting. Start with a rough drawing that includes every building and the surrounding landscaping. When you have everything laid out just the way you want it, make a detailed drawing that includes appropriate dimensions. Make certain your picnic pavilion is large enough to accommodate the furniture you want to use.

Install the four upright posts for your pavilion. You can sink your upright posts in the ground in concrete or you can pour concrete footers and use metal post braces to hold your posts. Use a level to ensure that your posts are standing straight.

Install 2×8 beams on the tops of your posts on opposite ends of the structure. You can use lag bolts and nuts to screw the beams directly on the face of the posts or you can use metal post caps and lay the beams in the post caps. Add diagonal 2×6 braces at each corner for support.

Install 2×8 side supports on the upright posts, perpendicular to the beams. Use lag bolts and nuts to attach the supports directly to the sides of the posts. Add diagonal 2×6 braces for support.

Install roofing slats across the top of your pavilion. Rest them on the beams and run them parallel to the side supports. Attach them with deck screws.

You can make a floor for your picnic pavilion out of brick pavers or slate, or you can go natural and have your picnic in the grass. Set up your picnic table or your chaise lounge and enjoy.

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