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DIY Patio Cushions

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Patio cushions become faded from the sun and years of use. Replacement cushions purchased from retailers may not fit as perfectly as the originals. An upholsterer will make new cushions, but the cost may not fit into the budget. Fabrics and foam are available to the consumer at most larger fabric stores and can be sewn by a person with basic skills. Choose fabrics designed for outdoor use and use the old cushion as a guideline to make new ones yourself.

Measuring and Choosing Patio Cushion Filler

Measure the old patio cushions to determine the amount of fabric required to make new ones. If the old cushion is not available, measure the seat and/or back of the patio furniture to determine the amount of fabric required. Purchase extra fabric when matching uneven stripes or patterns. Regular upholstery foam is acceptable for outdoor patio furniture, if the cushions are stored inside when not in use. Cushions exposed to sun and rain require open cell foam that will dry quickly. Open cell foam is more expensive than standard foam. Loose polyester fiberfill is another option for stuffing the cushions, but it tends to flatten out with use.

Choosing Fabric

Choose fabrics designed for outdoor use. This type of fabric is resistant to ultraviolet fading from the sun and moderately water-repellent. Fabrics designed for outdoor use are available in a wide range of patterns ranging from stripes, floral and solid colors. When choosing vinyl for outdoor cushions, choose one designated for marine or outdoor use.

Patio Cushion Patterns

Rip the seams out of the old patio cushion and label the sections. Use the sections as a pattern to cut the new fabric. If the old patio cushion is not available, use paper to cut a new pattern by laying it on the furniture frame and trimming until it fits appropriately. Remember to add seam allowances when cutting the fabric for the new patio cushion covers if working from a paper pattern.

Construction of New Patio Cushions

There are many choices for the construction of new patio cushions. The new cushions can be a box-style cushion with or without cording sewn in. Cut the cushion boxing 1 inch wider than the depth of the foam used. Zippers sewn into the cushion covers are a very convenient option to allow removal of the covers for cleaning or laundering. Knife-edge cushions are constructed with two sections sewn together without boxing. Cording sewn into the knife-edge cushion increases the lifespan of the cushions, defining and holding their shape. Knife-edge cushions are widely used on wicker and wrought-iron patio furniture.

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