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DIY Outdoors Hammock

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As it is not freezing cold, perhaps we could indulge ourselves with making a DIY hammock for outdoors?


Handmade Hammock

Care to take a nap outdoors on a drowsy saturday noon? Well, this can be a lot easier if you could have hammock, however considering the costs, it is virtually impossible. Well, not anymore when you have an option of making your own hammock! For this project you would need white canvas (or any color), stainless steel grommets with washers, a zinc-plated steel chain and stainless steel s-biners.


It is important to make sure that your cloth is strong enough to hold you! Perhaps you might even consider making a double canvas. Originally measure about 20×20 foot cloth for your project. Another step is to install metal grommets into canvas using a sewing machine, and chain the canvas using biners. Looks really easy, yet so very stylish!

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