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DIY Outdoor Projects Under $300

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If your outdoor area needs a major renovation, one of the easiest ways is to make it with your own hands, but some of the renovation projects might be quite costly. However, there is still an amazing bunch of DIY ideas for outdoor renovation that would cost you less than $300, and we are going to help you with exploring them.

Outdoor Renovation Projects Under $300

Outdoor projects Under $300

Colorful Outdoors by Ashley Astleford

Painting Walls & Ceilings

Can’t come up with anything to revive the exterior? Well, how about painting the walls and ceilings of your outdoor room? Whether it is a porch or a patio, if you want to revamp the look of your outdoor room, but don’t have budget to hire a designer, painting seems like a reasonable option and would be certainly under $300. This is especially true if you want to make your outdoor room seem brighter. Paint the ceiling of the porch in accordance with some highlighting drop pillows, and your room would instantly have a sense of order.

Create Outdoor Privacy

Create a little privacy nook with elegant touches. Make the outdoor seating area highlighted by a focal point of a copper basin with floating tea candles. This beauty below is created by Designer Greg Schaumburg of Hursthouse Landscape Architects & Contractors. Another thing about outdoor privacy: it can be achieved with gardening, especially if it is vertical.

Go Eclectic

If you can’t come up with a certain idea of decorating your outdoors, try going with an eclectic style. Don’t forget about adding patterned accents and colors, but as the rest goes – go bohemian. This way your outdoor area can become an exposition of all sorts of flea market collections if you have any. Most certainly the décor accessories from different sources would cost you less than $300.

Make Use Of Old Furnishings

Don’t throw away old baskets, as they can become cute sitting pieces with a rustic charm. If you have lots of chairs that are from different sets, which perhaps you bought during the garage sales, you can unite them into one by using spray paint. Simply make sure that the chairs are in one color and despite their differences they will fit into the same exterior. Have fun decorating your outdoors under $300!

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