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DIY Outdoor Curtains

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Creating an outdoor living space is a wonderful way to enjoy your backyard. These areas are an extension of your home and often include some of the same elements such as curtains. Although you may cringe at the thought of purchasing curtains, don’t, because they are simple to make. DIY outdoor curtains only require a couple strips of fabrics, some hand or machine stitching and a curtain rod.

Create beautiful curtains by yourself!

Outdoor curtain fabric

Choose a fabric that suits the décor and need of your outdoor space. If you want to block the sun with the curtains, select a thick, light-colored material that prevents light from penetrating, but ensure that the fabric is capable of allowing air to filter through. This quality will keep the space from retaining warm temperatures. Although the sunlight will not shine through, it will glow behind the curtains and keep the space bright. If you want to block the sun and create a dark space, use dark colors such as reds, brown or blacks. It’s important that this fabric also has breathability to keep the outdoor living space cool.

If you do not purchase a synthetic material that will repel water, use a water repelling and UV blocking fabric spray. The UV blocking components keep colors rich longer. The spray also increases the life of the curtain because it prevents the fabric from molding prematurely. You should expect a two-season lifespan for the curtain if you live in a dry region, but outdoor curtains in an area that has high humidity and a large amount of rain may only last one season.


Measure the space you want to cover with curtains. If you want the homemade outdoor curtains to drape along the ground, add extra inches to the length. You are also free to add inches to the width to create a lush look that a larger amount of fabric draping provides. In any case, add an inch to the top and bottom and two inches to each side for reinforcing the seams. Add approximately a half a foot to the top of your measurement to allow room for the curtain rod. Use a smaller or greater extension of material if you are using a rod that is smaller or larger than a standard size.

Outdoor curtain composition

You have two options for the style of the curtains: two panels or a single sheet. The two panels allow you to open them in the middle and single curtain sheet must be pulled back from the side. If you opted to use two panels, find the middle of the material to cut it in half. Ensure that you have sharp scissors for the cutting so you get smooth edges. You can reinforce the clean edges by folding down a half inch of fabric around all sides and sewing them down. This will prevent individual fibers from pulling away from the rest of the curtain material. Pull down half the allotted fabric for the curtain rod at the top and sew it down to create a loop. For instance, if you set aside six inches, fold down three and secure the end to the material. Slide the curtain rod through the loop and hang.

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