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DIY Outdoor Christmas Décor

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It’s that time of year again! Time to drag out the old Christmas decorations. Strings of tangled lights, tons of plastic Santa’s and musty old plastic Christmas trees are for the birds. Get a jump start on your Christmas decorations and affordably make your awesome holiday décor using these cool Christmas craft ideas.

DIY decor elements for Christmas

Chalkboard Silhouette Cutouts

You’ve all seen plywood cutouts of reindeer, Santa faces and Christmas trees. What makes these types of cool cutout designs awesome is that they are easy to create from scrap materials using a simple jigsaw. Most people opt out to add colorful craft paints to create faces or other popular designs on their plywood silhouette cutouts. But when your painting skills are about as good as a kindergarteners (like mine are) you’re better off just leaving it blank. Spice up your holiday silhouettes by adding a spray paint layer of black chalkboard paint. Now you can hang the signs on your front porch and write your favorite season’s greetings your arriving guests are sure to love.

Wood Pallet Xmas Tree

Old wooden pallets are a dime a dozen in your home town. You can easily use your DIY skills and these free materials to create an awesome looking Christmas tree that you can decorate. Shabby chic décor is a hot style and by using a little white wash, old pallet boards of various lengths and 4×4 post, you’re going to have the coolest Christmas décor in town. Set the 4×4 post into the ground using post hole diggers, cut the old palate boards to length with a circular saw and nail them to the post perpendicular to each other up the length of the post with the largest piece at the bottom to smallest piece at the top. Decorate with a string of lights, tinsel or other Christmas tree decorations and you’ve got a hip and cheap outdoor Christmas tree that’s sure to turn heads.

Wood Block Snowman

By using just three scrap pieces of wood, you can easily create a wood block snowman. Cut three pieces of wood so that the largest piece is at the bottom, a slightly smaller piece in the middle and the smallest piece at the top. Use a small scrap of plywood or 1×4 to screw the three blocks of wood together on the back. You can make the 1×4 or plywood a foot or two longer at the bottom and cut it to a point to make a stake to fasten it into the ground. Paint the whole project with white spray paint, add a few buttons for a face and you’ve got a great affordable holiday outdoor décor item.

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