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DIY Outdoor Cat Enclosures

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You know how dangerous can be the outdoors for domestic cats, well actually even for a feral cat! Today we are going to discover ways to make a DIY cat enclosure, a special place for your cat to enjoy the outdoors.

diy cat shelters

DIY Cat Shelters Ideas

Cats are every independent creature, and they enjoy their freedom, and that is why it is essential for them to find access to the outdoors. They love the feel of the fresh air, green grass and enjoy hunting for bugs and butterflies. However, if you are really concerned about your cat staying outdoors, there are several ways you can handle this, one of them is being really extreme, as of not letting the cat out, and another being moderate – where you can build the DIY cat enclosure for your cat! Let’s hope you choose the second option.

Now, one of the simplest ways to make a cat enclosure is to use a simple wooden box, or even a window box and protect it against the wild life. One of the ways to protect your cat is to include the wire into her outdoor space, so it can still be outdoors, but in a cell so to say. That is very cruel, because it means that the cat is your prisoner and it can become intimidated. Another thing is when you provide the shelter when the cat needs it! So, make sure that your cat has a safe escape route, while outdoors.

diy cat shelters

Another way to let your cat outdoors is to use a screened porch or deck and provide your cat with jungles and some cat toys to play with. If don’t like the wiring protection, use the lattice, it is more pretty and is still protective. Make sure that you leave the area for the cat to play, include some container greenery, so it feels like it is outdoors. With these simple tips and ideas, your cat can restore its relationship with the outdoors.

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