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DIY Monogramed Doormat

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How often do we pass the front door never paying attention to the details? Well, with a DIY monogrammed doormat your guests and you personally will most definitely pay attention to details. Stay around for this easy customized doormat decor tutorial to make your front porch more personal and fancy.

Monogrammed Doormat Tutorial

DIY Monogrammed Doormat

Fancy DIY Monogrammed Doormat

If you want to make a customized monogrammed doormat you will need several items, such as:

  • Doormat (the one used in this tutorial is sisal doormat)
  • 2 plates for making a circle
  • Permanent marking pen, such as a Sharpie
  • Letter template
  • Black acrylic craft paint and a small brush
  • Measuring tape

So the first step is to make a circle using a plate or a bowl of your choice and size. The two plates are needed to make two circles one should be smaller than the other, therefore, one plate should be slightly smaller. Trace the contours of both plates with a Sharpie onto a doormat.

DIY Monogrammed Doormat

Preparing Monogrammed Doormat

Now, once you are done with that, it is time to make a monogram. Pick your letter in your favorite font, enlarge it and print it out. Then cut out a letter template using scissors. When you are done with that, add the template to your doormat right in the center of the circle. The center of the doormat and the little circle can be identified with a measuring tape.

Trace the letter using a Sharpie in the same manner as with plate circle. Now to fill in the template use a black craft paint and go over the circle and the monogram. The last step is to wait till the paint is dry and you will have a new monogrammed doormat with a personal attitude. The project is found via HGTV.

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