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DIY: Hand Made Flowerpot Ideas

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There is no doubt that plants are one of the most important elements of the outdoor decor, they add color and give a sense of unity with nature.

flowerpot on a bench

Today we will talk about how to make DIY flowerpots for the patio. You are going to need regular clay pot as a base. Take an old pot if you have it or just buy a new one at the store, plain ones are pretty cheap.

Rope-Wrapped Flowerpot

roped flowerpot

In order to create rope-wrapped pots we will need twine and PVA glue (regular white glue). Daub the pot with a small amount of glue and wrap it with twine from the bottom to the top. Make sure the twine is tightly pressed against the pot. As a result we get a lovely “fluffy” pot. You can cover the pot with a couple of layers of lacquer or leave it as is. In any way your pots will be original and decorative. They would perfectly fit the interior in country style.

Mosaic Flowerpot

mosaic flowerpot

If you have some leftover tiles after the renovation of your kitchen or bathroom, they can be used to decorate the pots. To make tiled pots we will need to break a big tile into small pieces and decorate the ceramic pot with them. Feel free to use any kind of glue. The first row of pieces should be lined up, so the edge of the pot is smooth. But all the others are okay to be glued in a chaotic way. The gaps between the tiles are okay, they even make our pots more beautiful and decorative. When the glue is dried, these gasps will be filled with grout tiles.

Textile Flowerpot

textile pots with buttons

Take a nylon sock and wrap it around the pot and tie it up on top. Using a thread you can add buttons, pins, stones, glitter, or pieces of fabric.

There are lots of ways to decorate a pot using any leftover materials you have in your house, just use your imagination.

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