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DIY Garden Chandelier

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Gardens do need some illumination, especially in the night time, when you want to hang out with friends on the patio or porch. Today we present an amazing DIY garden chandelier tutorial, inspired by Sunset Mag, which will make your outdoor living space very friendly and charming, especially at night!

DIY chandelier

Charming Basket Chandelier Tutorial

The DIY chandelier projects are quite easy to make, but very beautiful to look at. This tutorial will help you to transform a regular wire basket into a charming chandelier for the outdoors. So to start, you will need to have a wire basket, a few jam jars, and some crystals. First, take the wire basket with a hook and with a flat base. This is essential, because you will need to hang the chandelier in the outdoors, and the flat base is needed because you will need to put the candles in.

Next step is to ornate the wire basket with crystals. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these crystals, make loops out of them to achieve a really enchanting look. When you are done with that, you will need to hang the wire basket to some fixture. It can either be a tree branch, or a special fixture with a chain. The appropriate length would be just above your eye level, when you sit.

DIY Chandelier

The concluding step is to make the chandelier shine. You will need used jam jars, little ones and some tea candles. Put the tiny tea candles into the jars and then the jars should be placed carefully into the wire basket. Now, you chandelier is all set and ready. You will just have to lit up the candles when you go outdoors at night. Just be careful to put the fire out, when you are done hanging out in the outdoors.

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