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DIY Fountains

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Adding water feature to your garden can become a turning point for the garden’s layout. Eventhough, usually fountains are quite an investment, there is also a solution of having DIY fountains!


Gazing Ball Bubbler Fountain

So you are about to make a nice water addition to your garden. You would be surprised how easy is to make one! For this project you will need:

– One submersible fountain pump, with at least 2 feet of tubing; you will need about 100 gallons per hour or less;
– One square galvanized tub;
– Several clay pots or other filler;
– Fifty pounds of river rock;
– One galvanized bucket, about 10 inches in diameter;
– One ceramic or glass gazing ball, 6 to 8 inches in diameter.


So, first step is to place the pump, with tubing attached, making sure the intake faces downward. Then fill in the bottom of the tub with upside-down clay pots and place rocks over the clay pots, but not to the top. Make sure the tubing is positioned where you plan to set the bucket with a ball. Run the pump’s power cord up and out of the tub.


Next thing is to drill a hole in the back of the bucket, which is need for the pump cord to place, perhaps 3/4 inch or more would be enough. Then place the tube through this hole, where the end of the tubing should be at least several inches above the bucket’s top rim. Now it is time to place the bucket in its final position within the rock-filled tub. One of the last steps include filling the remainder of the tub and the bucket with rocks. And at last place the gazing ball on top of the rocks in the bucket, running the tubing up its back side and it is done! Because this is a relatively easy project, it is very easy to carry it around, you can change its location the way you like it!


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