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DIY Christmas Bow String Lights

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You may be surprised with these stick-on bows from the wrapping section – but don’t hurry up with making early conclusion – you can really enjoy using them in non-traditional ways! Like as a lighting element. We bet that your holiday lights will be looking mighty fine pretty soon!

Do-it-yourself Xmas bow string lights


  • LED string lights
  • Christmas Bows
  • Awl


Carefully pull off the sticky tab on the bag of each ribbon. Make sure you leave it stapled though, or it will unravel! Starting from the top of the ribbon, push aside the bow’s loops and poke a hole through the bow. A few tips on doing this… If you have bows with lots of loops like mine, try to poke the hole slightly off to one side so you don’t have to go through all the layers. Push the awl through so the hole is just slightly smaller than the bulb of your lights. I recommend practicing on a few bows to get the hang of it before you go for the good ones!

After you poke the hole, immediately push a bulb through it. If you poke all the bows and then try to string them, the holes what be as easy to see.

A note about fire: These lights are not meant to be left on for extended periods of time or to be left on unattended. Please do not use these in your child’s bedroom or any other permanent place. They are solely for parties and holidays, supervised during and turned off after!

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