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Creative Greenhouse Ideas

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Greenhouse is a great way to grow your own herbs and flowers in a controlled climate, which isn’t always if at all possible in a conventional garden. A greenhouse is first and foremost a functional building. It should allow the natural lighting in but also protect the warm-loving plants from freezing temperatures. So before installing or building one make sure to plan out your greenhouse.

Amazing Greenhouse Shapes

Creative greenhouse

Creative greenhouse design

When it comes to appearance though it all depends on you. If you want you functional glasshouse also be decorative you can absolutely have it both ways.

A greenhouse shape is often house-like as it is familiar and always looks good. But don’t limit yourself. You can go for a modern rounded of angular shape which will look especially good in glass. Then there are different options to shape your greenhouse like a miniature architectural masterpiece to add drama to your garden.

Often done in metal frame with lots of glass greenhouse can definitely look like an extension to your modern house. However,  if you’re living in a rustic house a wooden frame can also be used instead of metal. A stone base will also add a decorative element to your greenhouse.

Also a wooden frame is easy to paint different bright colors like in the picture above so your greenhouse looks eye catchy and fits with your general exterior.

There are many variants to look through before building a greenhouse especially if you are after aesthetics and solid durable building materials. The main element of your greenhouse should be big windows to let the sun in but the shape, the design, and materials can be very different. Look through the gallery below to get inspired to design the most amazing greenhouse for your garden.

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