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Creative Garden Walkway Ideas

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Walkways are important especially when you have a lot of area surrounding your home. They aren’t just functional though, you can make them to be as creative and beautiful as you’d like and there are many different materials you can use for that.

Creative Walkway Ideas

Patterned walkway

River Rocks

River rocks are a great walkway material. They can be laid out in various whimsical patterns and painted accordingly in any color you like. Lay them alone or combine with regular stones or wooden planks.


The latter can too look interesting if you lay them out right. Don’t lay them one to one side by side. Play with the arrangement and you may come up with something unexpected and unusual.

DIY Stepping Stones

You can do your own custom stepping stones in any shape or form you like out of concrete or cement. It can be a big leaf, your kids’ footprints, or something else you like.

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