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Choosing Materials For Pergola

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A pergola or a beautiful archway can make an excellent highlighting feature for the whole exterior. Thinking of building a pergola or an archway in your garden and don’t know where to start from? Well, it is best to start from choosing the materials, and we can help you with that.

Ideas On Choosing Pergola Materials

Pergola Materials

Wooden Pergola By Dolring Kindersley

Stylish Influences

If you are thinking where to start the pergola project, you need to consider the overall style of your exterior and the façade. As well as you need to balance out the structure of the pergola measuring the proportions of the house, you also need to balance the pergola with exterior in general. There are several major styles in which you can make the pergola:

  • Country garden
  • Coastal garden
  • Riverside garden
  • Mountain garden
  • Formal classical garden

It is essential to remember that there are more conservative-styled pergolas, and then there are those that are more contemporary. That largely depends on the façade style. The country garden and coastal gardens use oak beams. The riverside and mountain gardens can be made from stone or machine-rounded wooden poles. However, the classy pergola is usually made from stone with perfect wooden beams.

Pergola Materials

Pergola Materials

Wrough Iron Pergola

Among the most popular materials for pergolas are of course variations of wood. There are also various types of wood, including softwood widely used for posts and beams; and hardwood, such as oak, that is more weather-resistant.

Pergolas can also be made from wrought iron, however, in this case they are usually more expensive. Wrought iron is used widely for rose arches, arbors, and tunnels. As you may know, iron is getting really hot during the summer rising temperatures; however, there is a contemporary alternative for that: plastic-coated tubular steel that stays cool in the hot temperatures.

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