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Building DIY Springhouse

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A springhouse is usually a little space outdoors in a form of a box, or an actual house, which is used for storage of products. It is a natural refregirator, and here are some simple tips on building a DIY springhouse!


Springhouse Ideas

Have you ever wondered what was it like to store some essential fast rotting products, before the electricity was made an essential part of our lives? Well, springhouses were made specifically for this purpose. Usually located on the outside of the house, and it served as protection for the water supply which was channeling the water into a trough that was used for cooling foods. In today’s world, the use of spring house would be really beneficial to reduce your electricity bills, and going green! So here are some simple ideas on making your own spring house.


The spring house is called this way because it should be located over the actual spring, so a fre flowing spring is a must have to build your own springhouse. While you are building the springhouse, you need to divert the water flow by making a trench. Then, make some space for the floor of the springhouse, approximately 4 feet deep. If you will use concrete in building the springhouse, you will need to have the forms. Using 1-by-4-inch boards, construct a frame around the perimeter of the springhouse floor, blocking off the trench area.To make the runoff pipe, lay the PVC pipe from the trench to the outside of the future springhouse, the flow should be away from the house.


Now, start pouring the concrete, and while you done, press the reinforcing bars to strengthen the concrete and prevent cracking. Smooth concrete with a board and allow the concrete to dry thoroughly, then remove the wooden forms. Concrete will help you with making the inside of the springhouse as well, as it is used to make the blocks. To prevent clutter and debris, build a wall surroung the spring. Last steps include building a roof for the springhouse, and running pipe from the spring to the trough.


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