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Build Your Outdoor Oasis With A Garden Tent

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Whether you want to throw an intimate picnic wedding in your backyard or create a summer camp for kids, a garden tent is a great way to do both and much more. You can have daily picnics in spring and summer alfresco, read, take outdoor naps or send kids to safe make believe fairy world. There are so many practical as well as aesthetic possibilities you won’t be able to stay at home.

While there are many commercial tent designs on the market right now, you don’t have to spend much money with your own built design. You can either go for a traditional teepee or come up with some convenient makeshift design that doesn’t require much effort or skill.

Of course two of the easiest ways to make a tent is to hang a piece of fabric on a tree branch or a rope stretched between two trees. But of course, if you possess an old trampoline that your kids grew out of, you could build a hanging outdoor bed tent out of it.

Garden Tent Ideas

 picnic tent


Teepee with bed

Cacoon hanging seat

Night tent

Trampoline outdoor bed

Green kid's tent

tea party tent

Vintage tent

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