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5 Urban Garden Design Ideas

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To create an ultimate urban garden you need just enough space, a few fancy pots, and some beautiful hadscape. It’s of course an oversimplification but these three pillars are true for many small urband gardens that try to balance greenery with functionanl space. Here are a few urban garden ideas that will add to that and help you design modern, stylish urban garden for your home.

Urban Garden Ideas

Small vertical urban garden

Plant Trees

A garden without trees is hardly a garden. Trees will give your urban garden a finished look. There are many cute potted trees to decorate your garden with like holly, English yew, crepe myrtle and many fruit trees like lemon and lime, as well as olive.

Zone Out & Minimize

Gardens with zones look more organized and modern. Patches of different plants or grass will allow for more diversity in the garden just don’t get carried away as you may run out of space pretty fast. When zoning out the garden patches, minimize them as much as possible.

Use Mirrors

Don’t be afraid to seem peculiar, use mirrors in your urban garden to make it appear bigger than it really is and also add some drama to it.

Build Multiple Levels

Hardscape the garden to have multiple levels if you want to divide areas for various purposes. Use plants to increase privacy around your eating area and clean up the space around the outdoor kitchen or grill.

Be Bold

When planning your urban garden don’t settle for less. Be bold, you can always minimize and scale down but if you’re brave from the start you will be able to create a completrly unique design.

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