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5 Junkyard Items That Can Make Cool Garden Tables

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If you like re purposing things for recycling’s sake or to save money you’ll be happy with these 5 really easy garden (patio, terrace) table ideas. It’s just a matter of finding the right items that would fit with your outdoor area and making necessary adjustments like painting or decorating.

Sewing Machine

Sewing table

A treadle sewing machine can easily transform into a table thanks to its table-like base and serve you anywhere in the house or outdoors.

Old Door

Garden table made out of French door

An old door is a great tabletop material. It can be perched on any stable base and voila, it’s time for tea.

Cable Spool

Cable spool table

A wooden cable spool is a perfect outdoor (or even an indoor) table material. You can painted whatever color(s) you want and it won’t require much else to be a great sturdy garden table.


Pallet garden table

Pallets are great for anything but you can also build entire furnishing systems out of them. Try cleaning and stacking them in order to build the thing you need and voila. No screws, not even glue is required.


Brick garden table

Old reclaimed bricks can be of more use than you may think even if you haven’t got many of them. You can stack them to make the base of the table and then use any tabletop to create your makeshift garden table.

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