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5 Easy DIY Outdoor Projects For Sprucing Up Your Lawn For Spring

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If you want to spruce up your lawn or front yard for spring and summer there are seven greatest DIY outdoor projects for you out there. You can use them to add character to your front yard or to increase your curb appeal.

Spilled Pot

Flower pot

A spilled pot is such an easy project but it adds so much flair to the lawn. It is a great way to make a mark on your landscape if you have a simple lawn and make your neighbors ask you for landscaping advice. You don’t necessarily have to plant flowers if you don’t want to. It can be succulents or even just white gravel.

Succulent Fountain

Fountain succulent planter

An old cracked fountain or a bird bath is an amazing planter for colorful suculents. Be sure to plant different types in order to get the best composition. You can use hanging succulents to make your fountain spill with greenery.

Tree Stump Decor

Tree stump planter

If you have a tree stump ruining your front yard look there are quite a few ways to deal with it and they are easier and cheaper than removal. You can also use a dead tree trunk as your centerpiece and planter for small perennials as well as succulents.

Wheel Cart Planter

Cart planter

A wheel cart is a great way to give your front lawn a cottage appeal. Plant it with your favorite blooms and enjoy the vintage aesthetics a wheel cart brings to the landscape.

Wild Place


Make it a wild place by planting meadow grasses and adding decorative objects like statues or vases all around. It makes for an amazing look.

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