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3 Ideas For Unusual DIY Outdoor Daybeds

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A daybed may seem like a luxury but it may not be so. Sometimes it’s not about design but rather an idea that surprises and charms. These three unexpected outdoor daybeds will certainly make an impact just like a piece from a high-end furnishing boutique, only in a differnt way.

Unusual DIY Outdoor Daybed Ideas

Old Boat

Old boat outdoor daybed

A boat may take up lots of space but it definetely catches the eye. Imagine a hammock that has a bit more room and is filled with fluffy cushions and warm blankets. If you possess an old boat or manage to get your hands on one you should definitely consider turning it into a terrace daybed.

Fainting Couch

Carved outdoor couch

A fainting couch will add a bit of drama to your outdoors. What’s a better way to mix glamour and drama in one seating area? If you can’t or won’t put a fainting couch on a terrace, you could try finding an interesting carved bench or an ethnic wooden couch to create a luxurious outdoor area.


Mattress outdoor daybed

If you are a free-spirited type a futon mattress can replace a daybed for you. It’s all about styling and decorating really. Just look at that leather-covered mattress daybed! Genius!

Which one of these outdoor beds you’d rather have on your terrace?

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