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14 Creative Chicken Coop Ideas

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Chicken coop doesn’t have to be an unsightly fenced space that ruins the look of your garden or backyard, so it’s time to sit down and make a plan for a beautiful or cute chicken house that is easy to look at. The options are limitless. With a few meters of chicken wire, reclaimed wood, and some basic construction skills you can create a nice home for any number of chickens.

You’ll need to size it up or down depending on how many hens you have. You’ll need some additional space for them to walk around when they are inside.

The shape can be anything from a triangle to a house or even an epic tower with glass conservatories like in the very last picture. If you don’t want to build it though you could use an old van for it.

Chicken Coop Ideas

Triangular chicken coop

Van chicken-coop

Fenced chicken coop

Red chicken coop

Barn chicken coop

White chicken coop

Spacious chicken coop

Wire chicken coop

Cute chicken coop

Duck coop

Farm chicken coop

House-shaped chicken coop

Architectural chicken coop

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