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World’s Coolest Decks and Patios

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Patios and decks are appealing, catching an eye, and splendid exterior features. No matter what shape, size and color it is, it will attract a person’s eye. Patios and decks can vary all around the world and can be the coolest ones. Contemporary homes, hotels, and other buildings are as much about the view outside as they are about the warm and inviting atmosphere inside, so the patios and decks are the facial expressions of any building.

Ayada Maldives Resort Patio

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This patio with deluxe white whirlpool is in the Ayada Maldives hotel. It gives an incredibly calm and relaxing feeling. Breathing fresh air, enjoying the view of green trees that are blown by the wind, sitting on the chairs or laying on the soft sofa, getting the warmth of the sun, this is truly what we need when we are on the vacation far from a busy city, many people, much noise, traffic, and the routine.

Glass Patio Room

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Glass patio is the latest and greatest innovations in modern exterior. It offers you the best of both worlds, the comfort of a sun in the closed room when the weather does not cooperate and the freedom of being outdoors without restrictions when it does. This pretty glass patio design features frameless glass walls that bring you down inside out with a simple slide.

A Botswana Safari Camp Patio

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This camp is located in the Moremi Game reserve, the hotel, which is made up of two camps, offers unparalleled luxury in the thick of the wild. The hotel is designed to take the advantage of its natural surroundings. Most of the facilities at Mombo Camp are open – air, linked by raised walkways that allow wildlife to wander through the camp while guests can watch from a safe height. At the end of the day, guests can watch animals from the elevated deck while circling around a fire pit.

The Best of Auckland an Observation Deck

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Auckland has truly something for everyone who is not afraid of any height and looking for relaxation, adventure, nightlife, magnificent scenery or a rich cultural experience.
Do you have a lot of energy to burn after the event? You will spoilt the choice. You can experience spectacular 360-degree views of the city from the Sky Tower’s observation deck, 190 meters above ground. This tower is the largest building in the Southern Hemisphere and the twelfth largest building in the world. You heart can get pumped with SkyJump – New Zealand’s highest base jump – or the incredible SkyWalk, where you will walk around the exterior of the Sky Tower with nothing between you and the ground but a rope and a 1.2m wide platform – this is extreme sightseeing at its best.

Canada’s Best Patio for Doing Business

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Hand it to Montrealers, they know how to work a patio. On the top of this 19th century neoclassical hotel, the patio can be a great place to do your business, have meetings, or just to come to chat with your friends, colleagues and have a splendid time sitting on this terrace above all the fuss somewhere down there.

Patio of Texas Residence with Blue Accents

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This residence is located right in the heart of Austin, Texas. It is a stylish and modern Cat Mountain Residence, designed with a sense of freshness by Cornerstone architects. The residence definitely presents a chic contemporary contrast against a rough and untamed landscape. If you step inside, you will come across stone surfaces, beautiful wooden beams the grace the ceiling and a tinge of copper here and there to invite the rustic exterior indoors. Décor is coupled with antique additions and fabrics with chic print to create a lovely blend of styles. An open fireplace steals the show.

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