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Weather-Proof Outdoor Hangout Space For Each Season

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If you’re living in a hot climate hanging out outdoor is just a matter of preferance. You may sit indoors during the day and enjoy the benefits of AC and go out to hangout around the pool or on a patio or balcony in the eveneings. With a four season climate you might need a few weather-proof spaces, one for each season to accomodate your needs.

Outdoor Hangout Space for Every Season



Spring and Fall are usually the rain seasons so you might want to rain-proof your porch or patio to be able to enjoy the fresh air without experiencing all the weather changes with your skin.

Tropical umbrella


Summer is a great season for outdoors but it’s always great to have something to protect you from the sun. A tropical style umbrella table is a perfect addition for a pool and a sand beach spot will make kids happy.

Fall tent swing bed


Fall can be as fun for nature-lovers as the Spring so go ahead and set a waterproof tent in your garden if you want to enjoy the outdoors in the Fall but keep dry and warm. It’s perfect for setting up camp in your own backyard next to a fire pit.

Glass extension


A winter porch or weather-proof sunroom is the best winter spot in the house. Yes, it’s technically indoors but you can still enjoy the view and any snow with a heated glass extension, which makes for an impressive winter party venue.

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  1. itzik
    March 24, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    where do i buy the indian looking tent, looks like a trampoline floor