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Urban Patio Design

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One of the greatest things about designing a patio garden is the versatility that it provides. As the seasons change, or perhaps even your tastes, a patio garden can easily be changed around with it. Patio gardens come in all sizes, and designs vary from home to home. For instance, some homes may already have an existing patio garden, while others often present themselves in the form of a balcony or deck. This is especially true for small urban settings. Even if you don’t have a patio on your property, you can easily create one by using an empty space located close to the home. Designing your own urban patio garden is an easy and painless process.

Urban patio design ideas and tips

With so many design options available, there is no limit to what you cawn accomplish when designing your own urban patio garden. Some of these design options include the use of container plants, small raised beds, or a mixture of the two. The floor or surface area of the urban patio garden typically consists of concrete, wood, or brick; however, grass, groundcover, or mulch can also be implemented. An urban patio garden can have simple furnishings, such as a single plastic lawn chair, or exquisite patio seating, like a wrought iron, umbrella table and matching chairs. This, of course, depends on your overall space and current landscaping design.

One of the easiest ways to design a patio garden is to choose a theme and build the patio garden around it. The patio garden should be large enough to accommodate its purpose, such entertaining, as well as any furnishings and plantings that are placed within its confines.

Designing an attractive urban patio garden relies heavily on the available space and how well that space is used. For instance, areas with little space can implement simple container plantings within the patio garden. Also, take advantage of the patio garden’s vertical space. Eaves, overhangs, awnings, and even nearby tree branches can be used for adding hanging plants, wind chimes, or bird feeders. Wall fountains or flowering vines that trail along trellises can also make perfect additions in an urban patio garden while making use of its vertical space. These features not only lift the eyes upward but also create a sense of intimacy.

The goal when designing any patio garden is to achieve a comfortable atmosphere, which can easily be accomplished by maintaining balance between empty spaces. Overcome the urge to incorporate too much as this only creates a cluttered effect. Instead, group plantings and related items together to complement your overall theme. For instance, if your urban home reflects that of a cottage style, then your patio garden should include some country appeal by implementing rustic touches to achieve that old-fashioned look.

When you begin adding plants to your patio garden, leave enough room for getting around. Also, consider weight issues concerning balconies or rooftops before loading them down with plants. Pots can get quite heavy, especially filled with wet soil and plants. Sharp edges of an existing patio garden can be softened with flowers, in beds or containers. Incorporating layers of small trees and flowering shrubs along with plants of varying heights, forms, and textures will add visual interest to the patio garden, especially those chosen for seasonal interest, which will keep the patio garden enticing year round.

Container plants can be moved around to maintain seasonal interest as well. Consider plant placement with indoor viewing in mind and include a focal point such as a small shrub, a group of pots, or a fountain. Garden accessories will be the final touch in designing your urban patio garden. Depending on your theme and purpose, accents such as chimes, fountains, ornamental objects, birdbaths and feeders can further enhance your urban setting. There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending time outdoors, whatever the season. A patio garden can become a much-welcomed addition to your urban home, providing a quiet retreat for relaxing or entertaining others.

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