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Unique Deck Ideas

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A well-designed deck maximizes your outdoor space while meshing well with your home and surrounding landscape. While the standard wooden deck remains popular, many people personalize their deck design, adding unique features, themes or materials. You can plan a unique deck from the ground up, collaborating with an architect or landscaper about structural features, or you can embellish an existing deck with elements that make it more colorful, inviting or interesting.

Ideas for designing unique deck

Unique deck features

Unique deck configurations allow for multiple functions. An elevated deck, for example, takes advantage of panoramic views. A tiered deck creates separate vignettes of space and works well on a sloped lot. A wraparound deck affords a variety of views and the opportunity to use sides of the house more fully exposed to the sun, as well as those that are more shaded. Some unique deck layouts incorporate landscape features such as a large tree, shrubs, bushes or boulders. An island deck provides a platform separate from the house and often holds a feature for entertaining, such as an umbrella table or small pool.

Unique deck details

Beyond your deck’s design, you can incorporate unique elements that make your deck stand out. For example, line the exterior rail of a deck with built-in benches or planters. Or create a centerpiece with a gazebo, arbor, a colonnade or a large fire pit. A built-in bar made of bamboo and with a straw or rattan ceiling lends a festive feeling. Incorporate natural features such as a trellis covered in vines, walkways or stepping stones that transition from the deck to garden pathways, or living walls grown from wall pockets. For artistic flair, add a wall mosaic, a bouquet of bright paper lanterns, or a line of Tiki torches.

Unique deck materials and styles

Unique themes and building materials give your deck color and flair. Create a tropical escape with exotic blossoms, deck canopies and awnings in saturated colors, and dark hardwood elements. Sample Asian style with a Balinese meditation platform, or go Mexican cantina with party lights strung around pillars, wrought iron accents and terra-cotta planters filled with cacti and other succulents. Distressed and weathered wood recalls a beach house or surf shack. If “green” and sustainable deck materials are important to you, check for Forest Stewardship Council certification on your building materials. Eco-design wood alternatives that blend plastic and wood fiber include Trex, ChoiceDek and TimberTech.

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