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Townhouse Patio

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As a townhouse is usually smaller than the typical home, its outdoor areas may be smaller than traditional backyards. Townhouse patios may also feature more hardscape than landscape. Lack of green space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the patio. Create a plan to make the most of a townhouse patio.

Townhouse patio ideas

Integrate any natural components missing from your townhouse patio. Add large container gardens, a large or small potted tree, potted plants and planter boxes full of greenery. If suitable, bring in large decorative stones that can also double as seating. Add a decorative gravel pit. Set out a fire pit for roasting marshmallows or warming up beside on cold nights. Incorporate a water element such as a fountain for a calming effect.

If the patio is small, use design techniques that utilize space. Be sure that furniture fits the space well. If square footage is limited, don’t purchase pieces that will swallow up all the room. Measure the space and keep dimensions in mind when shopping. Consider a small square or round table instead of a large, long rectangular one. On very small patios, consider minimal furniture such as a small bistro table and chairs, or even a collapsible table and chairs that can be leaned inconspicuously against a wall when not in use.

Take the hard, urban edge off spaces with a lot of concrete by adding natural colors through outdoor rugs, tablecloths, awnings, chair cushions and accent pillows.

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