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Tips on Cleaning Gutters

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Admit it, everything needs to be cleaned out once in a while?! Well, this is certainly true for your roof gutters! Here are some easy tips on cleaning your gutters safely!


Gutter Cleaning Ideas

For some of the harsh weather kicked in, with all its heavy rains and occasional snow. Gutters are not the least in a list to take care of, because with all the excessive snow and abundant leaves falling, the gutters can easily get cluttered. Often, we don’t think about gutters, until it is late and they are clogged with autumn chaos. The first thing you will need to do is to get equipped with the necessary items: ladder, a gutter cleaning rake on a long pole (can be substituted by a wire hanger), if the roof is not wet, some might consider using leaf blower as an alternative. It is also a good idea to have someone secure your ladder, while you clean the gutters.


Now, to start cleaning the gutter, you will need to attach the ladder and get it secured, then using whatever you have chosen for you equipment and start exploring what is there clogging your roof gutters. The long pole would be very effective to check the gutters from the inside, thoroughly. The best way to discover how clean is your gutter is to pour some water, let it stream through the gutter. So, now your clean gutter waiting for some rain to prove its worth!


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