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Pressure Washing Tips

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Pressure washing is an excellent way to remove stains, grease and other disgusting stuff from your porch, deck, driveway – practically from anywhere! Here are some basic tips on using pressure washing!


Pressure Washing Guidelines

If you just can’t stand the sight of your deck being so dirty, it is time to clean it! One of the most effective way to remove the excessive dirt and to generally make your outdoors look better. Start from gathering the equipment, and generally that means renting or borrowing a pressure washer. These machines are available from any home centers for less than 100$, or perhaps some of your friends or neighbors might have it.


Next, try to remove all of the fragile items off your deck, driveway or whatever it is that you are planning to pressure wash. The fragile items might be considered the following: planters, additional decorations and any other things which could be removed. If the items cannot be removed, such as lighting fixtures, be careful when working with that.


Now to start the procedure, you will have to attach the pressure washer to the garden hose to the inlet port and the spray hose to the outlet port. Start with the low -pressure nozzle and see if that pressure is enough. If not, attach a high-pressure nozzle. Attach the nozzle to the spray wand and start up the engine.


Since pressure washing is quite dangerous since you are using special equipment be sure to protect yourself. Wear the protective gloves, and protective eye wear. Check if all of the connections are tight, because if they are not you might accidentally damage someone’s property, or hurt yourself. Additionally to water, you can use a chemical solution, however check what is available and consider the best options. To add the chemical use the injector or special nozzle on the pressure washer. If you are using a chemical solution, remember to rinse it off the property after applying it with just water. Be careful when using a pressure washing machine, and consult a specialist or the owner of the machine.

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