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Plantscaping Ideas for Patio

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Plantscaping is a special type of landscaping, which is done specifically with plants. Even though landscaping with plants has been known for many decades, this specific name is not widely known. Today we are going to explore ways of plants landscaping for patio or decks.

Plantscaping Ideas

Plantscaping Basics

Although landscaping with plants has been present in our daily lives for a long time, few would call it plantscaping. There are so many different plants, which are designed for a specific landscaping reason: there are vines that climb up the walls and there are ground covers, that creep up the surface of the soil, making a lush foliage on the lower levels; then there are annual and perennial plants, as well as ornamental ones.

However, all of the mentioned above cannot fit into patio or deck, with its covered surface. Instead, you should focus on the reason why you need plantscaping in the first place. If you need to increase the privacy of your patio, try planting different levels of plants, such as oakleaf hydrangea, ferns. Plant them on the unpaved part of the patio. If you want to create diversity with plants, consider container gardening in pedestals.

Plantscaping Ideas

On the contrary, if your reason is to include rich tapestry of colors into the deck or patio – go for more colorful options, such as different flowers and plants with leaves of distinct colors. Don’t forget about other senses besides visual. Add some good scenting herbs, like lavender and rosemary to the deck to invoke the olfactory senses.

Not only plants take the lead, but also planters if it is of course a container gardening. Make sure to diversify the levels and types of planters to increase the visual appeal. Also, don’t forget the trees and bushes for plantscaping, as they are also valuable in landscaping with their lush foliage and shading options.

Plantscaping Inspiration

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