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Paver Stone Patio

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Nowadays most people entertain at home as it’s cheap and ties family knots even tighter. When it’s warm outside, you want to spend more time outdoors with family and friends. But what to do if there’s no enough outdoor room to host a lot of people? This article will give you step-by-step instructions for building a paver stone patio in one afternoon, just in time to invite friends over this weekend for an outdoor barbecue.

Paver stone patio ideas

Measure the area where the patio will be. Using the rubber mallet, drive the 2×4 boards lengthwise into the ground at each corner. Tie construction string around the boards to help you keep the line of excavation straight as you dig it out.

Use the shovel to dig out the grass and dirt to a depth of 6 inches. Use the rake to smooth the area out and use the level to ensure that the entire area is even. Lay down one inch of sand and smooth it out with the rake. Check to ensure that the area is level before placing the pavers on top.

Begin by laying the pavers lengthwise around the perimeter of the excavated area. Next find the center of the patio and begin laying the pavers, working your way out to the front outside edge. This is especially important if you are creating a design in the center of the patio. Work from the center to the front of the patio, then from the center to the back, towards the house. That way, any pavers that need to be cut will be along the edge of the house and will be less noticeable. You might need to use a wet saw to cut the pavers.

After all of the pavers have been put into place, use the tamping tool to pack them solidly into the sand. Then lay another one inch layer of sand on top. Use a large push broom to push the sand into the spaces between the pavers. Wet the entire area with a water hose then repeat.


Enlist a friend to help excavate the area and haul away the dirt while you lay the pavers. Keep a few extra stone pavers around in case one breaks later on. Simply remove the broken one with a flat head screw driver and then tap in the new one. Fill with sand as needed.

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