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Patio Pivot Doors

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Patio is becoming an outdoor retreat that has been accepted to be a part of home. Usually patios can be reached from the inside the house, where a sliding door separates the patio and the house. However, there is a good alternative to that: the pivot door. Pivot doors are also transparent, but their opening mechanism is different. Follow this post to see most amazing patio pivot door examples and to learn basics about pivot doors.

Pivot Door Inspiration

Pivot Doors

Brown Residence, Arizona

Pivot doors have gained their popularity in the past few years, and they are especially popular on the West coast, while the East coast is rather indifferent to them. The pivot doors are quite popular because of the simple structure that appeals to the contemporary architectural means. Pivot doors have a wide opening with extensive view on the outdoors or indoors. However, they are also quite expensive, at least they are more expensive than other type of doors.

Pivot doors have their own benefits, as they are not restrained by hinges, instead they rotate with a help of point top and bottom mechanisms. Usually pivot doors are installed in concealed overhead hydraulic commercial door closer, which is done mostly for safety reasons. Imagine what can be of a door that becomes uncontrollable in strong wind conditions. The pivot doors are weather-proof. So, now you see why they are much more expensive than the usual doors.

The pivot doors don’t have to be transparent; some people make them entirely from timber. When thinking of installing the pivot door it is essential to consider the purpose of doing so. If you want a door to separate the house and the outdoor room you might want to make it opaque and that would be fine. However, if you want to make a closure to the outdoor room and separate it from the poolside area, then of course it is better if the pivot door would be transparent. See the inspirational patio pivot doors below!

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